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Their are mainly two types of suspension lifts these are the body lift and the suspension lift. The suspension lift is mainly used on trucks to be able to have more clearance from the ground, rocks and various obstacles while off reading. Body lift kits for trucks are more of an appearance upgrade as far as a functional performance outlook. This mainly just raises the body of the vehicle for increased visibility and the use of larger tires. The addition of larger tires also works synergistically as a suspension lift usually adding more clearing to the crank able parts of the underbelly of a off road truck.

We offer all lifts kits, suspension spacers, & Suspension lifts of our Lift Kits from Pro Comp, Skyjacker, Fabtech, Rancho Tuff Country and Daystar. Hats the difference between body lift and a suspension lift kit? read on below....
Body Vs Suspension Lift Kits:

Every body talks about lifting their truck but most people are all talking about different forms of truck lift kit systems to save their brand new custom Ford F150 Bumpers. The first is a body lift which is the more affordable option. In Body lift kits you used brackets and spacers and some times leaf springs to raise the body of the vehicle. All though you can fit bigger wheels and tires on the vehicle( which will give more ground clearance) this lift alone does not offer any additional ground clearance from anything but the body so your differential is still a sitting duck for a large boulder.

To fix this we will look a a full suspension lift kit. A full on 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8" inch lift will raise the entire vehicle higher allowing more clearance when off roading.
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